How to Use EKKER

Optimise Your Edge with EKKER

  1. Complete your profile.
  2. Select your subjects.
  3. Record your study sessions.
  4. Challenge yourself by competing with close friends.
  5. Evaluate your stats.
  6. Test your knowledge with practice exams.
  7. Enhance your performance with mental and physical exercises.
  8. Calculate your scores & goals.
  9. Estimate Leaving Cert outcomes.
  10. Up your game with online Maths Grinds from

Sign Up Now or Log in for Elite Performance

After you download the app, go to the menu on the top left corner of the screen. Carefully fill out the required fields in "Your Profile". Choose your subject and your subject levels. You are good to go!

On the home screen select study now or Homework and then select your subject.  You are now studying.  To end, hit the subject again and rate that session.  A 100 minute study session rated at 8 - will log you 80 quality minutes of study.  Subjects appear with a number and ranked in inverse order of your study.  The ones where you do less study are now closer to hand! A gentle reminder as you go…

If you are unable to use your device to record a session you can manually enter study sessions at any time by choosing the Manual Entry button in Study Now or Homework. If you make any errors or if you want to make any changes you can also edit any session if necessary in "Study History".

Here you have a day-by-day log of study and how you rated them. Faces tell you at a glance how you are doing. 

Share your study streak, your cumulative time of quality study and the length of your average study session with a select group of your friends – be competitive or be supportive but be together! You can also see how you compare with the average Ekker user in Study Club.

Here you can see you study data.  Graphs and numbers gives you the targeted feedback you need to see patterns and to make adjustments to improve performance. Need a prompt - here it is… See graphs of the quality of your study, the time spent studying by day/week/month, and a subject by subject comparison.

Test yourself in all the previous State Exam papers. 

Here you will have helpful information on how to study, how to maintain a healthy mind and body - exercise, pastoral care and nutrition, and excellent subject and CAO advice - helping you to perform at your best. 

Targeting a course, or if you have a goal, here will help you see what you are aiming for or what tweaks you might need to consider. 

Track your exam results and look to likely outcomes.  What is the pattern telling you? What is the data suggesting?

Designed to help you get that H1 or H2 that you need. If you are doing grinds or not, Ekker maths is designed to ensure you get that top grade. With a constant stream of great content, Ekker maths will change how you feel about the subject forever.

  • Adjust settings
  • Change your profile
  • Select/change your subject and level
  • Manually enter off-line study at a later date
  • Enter your exam results

(It’s what’s under the hood that helps – this is data-driven performance.)