Student voices...

Students love this system and the support it offers. Here are just some of the many comments we have been getting.

“Honestly wow… this has transformed my study and homework. I thought I knew what I was doing” Ruth B.

I loved the online classes and grinds. Thank you.  You had me confident that I was ready for the leaving cert exams. The classes were even fun (thanks for the strange music in maths!) Jim E. 

“I found this app extremely helpful. It helped me realise the time I spent on revision of certain subjects and helped me give adequate time to all of my seven subjects… I would definitely recommend this app to friends” Harry W.

“It showed me what areas needed more attention. I also cut my study periods as I realised sessions over an hour were not as effective for me” Rachel M.

“I adored using the app. I can’t wait to see the app grow as more students get the opportunity to see its incredible features” Cameron M.

“The performance section has helped me so much – the motivational content, wellbeing and study skills transformed my approach to learning” John R.