The future of study

The constant notifications or the temptation to use social media, gaming apps, texting, or browsing the internet can be highly distracting

Difficulty in finding study materials can make it challenging to concentrate on studying

Lack of routine or a plan make it hard to progress and really test yourself, often leading to wasted study sessions and further frustration

The Future of Study is Here

Managing these distractions and creating a conducive study environment by minimizing disruptions, establishing a routine, setting achievable goals, and tracking your progress can help enhance study efficiency.

Ekker aims to turn your phone into a powerful study tool.

Sharpen Your Skills with EKKER's Data-Tracking Technology

  • Study sessions & progress by subject
  • Actual minutes of quality study
  • Total amount of study & areas of improvement
  • Nutrition, exercise & self-motivation techniques
  • Advanced Maths classes, study tips, blogs, vlogs, articles & podcasts
  • Small-group challenges via My Study Clubs
  • Patterns in study habits and performance
  • Real-time feedback¬†
  • Subjects that require attention
  • Aptitude, ability & attitude¬†
  • Exam readiness & scores
  • Leaving & Junior Cert results