Work smarter, not longer.

The first fitness tracker for study

Welcome to the Edge. The Future of Study is here.

A first-generation get-fit-for-study app, Ekker is a data-driven tracking tool designed to help 1st-6th year and university students study less and achieve more.

By guiding you through analyzing your study habits, eliminating wasted time, and sharpening your focus, Ekker prepares you to optimize your academic performance.

About Us

Join the revolution.

Data-driven study performance.

You’ll benefit from techniques that help you evenly distribute your time and attention across subjects and increase the speed at which you complete your workload.  

Like athletes training for a big game or race, Ekker trains you to perform at your highest level by studying smarter, not longer. 

Wellness features such as nutrition, exercise, and motivational content create a holistic experience that sets you up for success in school and life. 

Whether your goal is catching up in classes or running ahead, rely on Ekker for a game-changing advantage.


  • Record, track & rate  your study sessions in every subject
  • See improvements make adjustments
  • At a glance see total study so far
  • At a glance see which subject needs more attention
  • View your study history
  • Analyze study patterns through a variety of helpful graphs
  • Invite friends to track study together through My Study Club – be competitive or be supportive
  • Exercise & nutrition advice
  • Study skills advice and classes
  • Subject specific advice on how to perform better
  • CAO advice and helpful guides through the process
  • Track your exam results
  • Predict your Leaving Cert / Junior Cert results
  • All Past Exam Papers at your fingertips
  • Live and Interactive streamed classes in every subject


What our users have to say...

Honestly wow… this has transformed my study and homework. I thought I knew what I was doing

Ruth B.

I loved the online classes and grinds. Thank you.  You had me confident that I was ready for the leaving cert exams. The classes were even fun (thanks for the strange music in maths!) 

Jim E.

I found this app extremely helpful. It helped me realise the time I spent on revision of certain subjects and helped me give adequate time to all of my seven subjects… I would definitely recommend this app to friends

Harry W.

It showed me what areas needed more attention. I also cut my study periods as I realised sessions over an hour were not as effective for me

Rachel M.

I adored using the app. I can’t wait to see the app grow as more students get the opportunity to see its incredible features

Cameron M.

The performance section has helped me so much – the motivational content, wellbeing and study skills transformed my approach to learning  

John R.