Whatever you want to be better at, do more of it.

Carl Lynch and John Lynch, Founders

Fueled by a passion for education, brothers Carl and John Lynch developed a revolutionary tool for elite students seeking elite outcomes through a data-driven, strategic practice of study fitness, preparation, and mental and physical wellness.

Entrepreneurially spirited, the Lynch brothers subscribe to the mindset that ambition is a good thing, just not the kind that involves excessive amounts of stress and worry. They devised EKKER to train top-achieving students in healthy habits of aptitude, ability, and attitude.

The duo established Revise.ie, one of Ireland’s leading grinds schools, in 2005 and have been on a mission to change the culture and structure of academic ability and preparation ever since.

“Students must train to achieve their academic goals the same way athletes train to achieve their sporting goals,” John Lynch says. “EKKER’s powerful combination of data-tracking, mental and physical wellness tools and advanced coursework with leading Maths educators position them to achieve their goals with higher levels of self-confidence and awareness.”

“We want students to learn to think, and to do that, they need to train their minds to achieve clarity and focus,” Carl Lynch adds. “EKKER guides them to study more efficiently, retain information more easily, and create habits of excellence that give them an edge in school and life.”