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Yes. EKKER is a high-tech study fitness app that acts as a mirror for your study habits, guiding you toward improved practices that optimize your outcomes.

Your personal data, combined with data tracked from other students across the EKKER community, provides clear indicators for areas of strength and improvement, helping you modify your habits and determine new goals. 

Simply document your study time and enter it into EKKER after school.

Yes. EKKER’s commitment to elevating your fitness for study so that you perform at your highest level includes exercises for improving your mental and physical health, too. From diet and exercise to adequate sleep and downtime, EKKER’s holistic approach to positive habit development is what gives you your edge.

EKKER gives you the tools to create an edge in your academic performance through time-tracking technology, access to the region’s best Maths educators, and proven practices in mental and physical health and wellness. The rest is up to you.

How to use EKKER