Ekker maths is a step above the rest because it has the quality and standard that you need to get that H1.

For many years I have being trying to go the extra bit and here it is. So what do you get.

  1. Carl says – advice from the best maths teacher as to where you should be at all stages of the leaving cert cycle..
  2. The best notes possible. 30 year of teaching have made sure that the notes on ekker will not be bettered.
  3. 8 years of leaving cert solutions done in a quick and easy fashion  in videos– no slow long winded answers.
  4. Videos of all the proofs and constructions on the course. All together in one quick and easy place to find them.
  5. The real nice bit, videos of the hardest possible leaving cert questions from the old course. If you can do these you can do anything. This is the edge this is the difference.