It’s because the system is so easy to use.  You study – we record data – both the student and the University get feedback and see improvements. Not many moving parts (still study)! OK we are joking – we will write more FAQs post launch – but we are not joking about how easy it is to use…  

Yes – it will help students realise what they are doing, when they are doing it and how they felt about doing it.  It’s a mirror for their study – it has to help!

It will help universities track module delivery, how long students are working, how they rate that work and the results they then attain.  Make informed educational decisions. 

Peer-to-peer data – the real power of ekKer is the community of data that will help you get more from your study sessions.  

We have the best of teachers, with highly interactive and engaging content.  Teachers who love their subjects.  In conjunction with our partners at revise.ie – you can purchase in-app grinds in core subjects on topics that interest you.  There is lots of free classes and content too… 

Yes! We have loads of content in the performance section of the system.

Here you will have helpful information on how to study, how to maintain a healthy mind and body – exercise, pastoral care and nutrition, and excellent subject advice.  At the centre of our system are the tools to help you to perform at your best.

Study, reflection, wellbeing and access to the best of teachers from the comfort of your home.  It won’t hurt!

How to use EKKER - The game changing app