For Schools

  • An ability to deliver classes to students remotely.
  • Support students at home while at study - wellbeing and performance - the former ensures the latter. Nutrition, fitness, pastoral care, subject help and CAO advice.
  • Remove phone distraction in class as students phones can be automatically linked to teacher’s tablet/computer thus allowing students to use their devices constructively.
  • Give schools access to overall student data. How much time are students studying each subject. If school tries new initiative they can see instantly if it improves performance.

List of Features for Schools & Colleges

Record attendance
Generate automatic notifications to parents when students sign in, out or leave
Off-line attendance record for students with no phone
Track study in school by subject
See a history of study logged
Track Exam performance
See study patterns and their impact on results
Access to identifier free data on
Study time
Results related to study time